Monumental Job - A CityTV Video

2007 interview with Jim Mulock, owner of Lethbridge Monumental

We all want to remember our loved ones who have passed away and one of the best ways is with a cemetery memorial or grave marker.

A Lethbridge company has been in the business of making those memorials and markers for more than a century now.

Jim Mulock and his family have owned the company for more than half that time. "My dad, Frank Mulock, bought the company back in 1946 from the original owner Robert Needs who started it in 1905".

"It's a pride thing on my part, I know when I was coming up through the business I always thought, I sure hope I can make it to the 100 Year mark."

Mulock says they make the memorial using the same process now as they have used for decades. "We place a rubber matting on the memorials and then we cut the letters into the matting and then sandblast the letters and design".

"We were sandblasting 60 years ago and we are still sandblasting, so not much has changed over the years except how we put the letters onto the rubber. We used to do it all by hand but now we use a computer to design and letter the memorials".

The importance of the memorial is a point certainly not lost on Jim Mulock, "Some go to the cemetery more often than others, but when they do go, they all seem to talk to their loved one, that's what the memorial is for, to bring back memories and I guess to start the conversation".