Lethbridge Monumental's

Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee unconditionally, forever and for all time, that any granite memorial that we manufacture, will not check, crack or disintegrate from exposure to the elements in any season or in any climate and that no coloring matter or injurious materials were used in obtaining the highly polished mirror-like surface, ground surface or rock pitched surface, which are the natural colors of the granite.

We further guarantee to replace, free of all expense to the purchaser of the memorial, any part or parts of the memorial covered by this guarantee, that may develop any imperfections as indicated here-in.

The following are not covered by this Lifetime Guarantee:

Bronze markers, Bronze accessories, Cement foundations, Cement grave covers, Metal vases, Porcelain pictures, Marble statues, Marble vases or any paint applied to or attached to the memorial or any damage done to the memorial after it has been installed in the cemetery.

Jim Mulock
Lethbridge Monumental Ltd.