Dear Jim & Rose

My sincere apologies for being so tardy with this, especially after your efficient time management in getting our project completed.

"Thank you Jim for your expertise and assistance in arranging for a head stone to be placed on a grave site in Fort MacLeod.

This site has been the resting place for Mr JW Moreash since 1930 and at the request of his daughter, who wanted to make sure her father had a headstone, albeit 80+ years later, you managed to put together a fitting and well designed monument including all the pertinent information along with some family history for future reference.

The complete transaction, from contact to install, was done by telephone and e-mail, completed in less than a month and resulted in a very thoughtful memorial".

I think aunt Isobel would be pleased. Again, my sincere thanks for helping me get this task completed.

- Janice Culp, Fort Macleod